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>I laughed because the truth was too much to bear. Gunshots rang loudly in my ears, and my chest suddenly burned. I slumped back, my eyes bulging out as I found myself unable to draw breath. The monster's icy eyes, the only feature that wasn't changing on that shifting face, watched me with detached satisfaction.

I... wish the bullets had bounced... and instead slaughtered Universal Man. The True Immunity.

...retcon coming... ;-) unfortunately I have no talent. I'm useless but for a donator of $$ to those that do. My lot in life, ya know?


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>Government could fix this, but won't because captured capitalism.

This was a sarcastic post, right?

Have you seen the size of these batteries? Have you heard the precautions or watched how they're disassembled?

They're 480V. That's a terrifying voltage, nearly insta-death.

They're massive modules with loads of balance wires.

The 'gubberment' doesn't need to do anything- anyone can build a battery to fit there if there is an advantage for it.

This isn't a gas tank pressed between two plates, or a 'chopper' show where they beat some aluminum and weld it to hold gasoline.

This is a massive piece of critical engineering with extremely fatal consequences.

Frack, Boeing stuffed something in their planes and they caught fire because they didn't do it right.


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Yes, it's a real thing. It'll cost a penny extra, but probably worth it. You can anything now adays, just looking for the right name and a vendor to sell it to you.

I don't know your climate- personally I'm leery of any wet wall facing outside, and typically there is a window over the sink too- so you'll have thinner insulation and the opportunity to freeze pipes in the wall (water /knobs are typically supplied via the wall).

All that said go to a kitchen/bath place and check out their catalogs.

I ended up buying an 'industrial' looking stainless steel tank paired with an industrial overhand nozzle. I had to butcher the countertop to get it to fit- there's only a couple of inches around- and there was a size larger than that. I personally love it- it's deeper than anything and so far is easier to clean, even if the kids have to pick up the grates.

Do what makes sense and go for it.


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>Many identical twins have indistinguishable DNA. Maybe they could have different mutations maybe not. Plus the police would have had to somehow had the original DNA records to tell who is who. Dental records would probably be a better distinguisher.

We discovered my wife is an Identical Twin, and that her sister is a better 'match' for Mom than she is :)


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>I want to struggle, fight, I want to ask a hundred questions, but a tiredness floods my veins and I fall slowly back on the bed of weeds.

Wow. This is great work- thank you!


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For you, for the Future You, for the Future You (kids if you choose to have them) ... enjoy these moments and look back at them as you 'earn' new "HAHAHAHA" moments as well as the "FML" moments.
-They all balance out. I hope- for you and yours.

I've had good, I've had bad, but what I've had day in and day out is a Spouse that has loved me and taken care of me and accepted me even when I've rejected, withdrawn, and as I've even had to pull her back into the world. Marriage is a compact built upon trust and care, and it sounds as if yours has the most solid foundation you can have- humour.

Good luck. I'd send you a wilted yellow rose with the caption of "From Bessie the Cow, I miss your suckling", but you know that might not go over as well as I'd hoped...


(For the record I do not know the OP but I remember the story)


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That's been my experience with poorly marked CC courses. My personal favorite was around some trees- and the runner in front of me had grabbed onto a branch and let go- so it whipped into my face and knocked me down (Startlement helped as well as exhaustion).

I gave up that race and didn't finish.


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> 149 billion base pairs. Humans have 3 billion.

How the...

Is this one that's been cultivated to be 'enriched'?

If this is a topic you're knowledgeable on, could you save me a few hours of reading- are there tons of duplicates? Other plants? Are there entire sequences that exist that are replicates of other sequences in there ?