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>correcting military to company does not really answer the point.

I did that in the points above

>You asked people to elaborate in another comment and now you are obviously taking offense.

Yeah no I'm not taking offense, gotta be honest, I did just want to hear people out, then I woke up and I was sick and I get bored really fast at home, so this was just something to keep me busy, sorry if I harassed you or something, everyone can have their own opinion


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>Yes, but that didn't seem to matter much at all in TWOW. It got him a place to stay.

Yep it did, I'm not sure what your point is, he got another home, clans don't do that normally.

>He was just running away and completely abandoned the forest people. How was he so sure that they wouldn't be attacked?

He wasn't, he only cared about his family at that moment

>If he was gone, why not just firebomb the forest again?

They're trying to make it the new home for humanity, firebombing is what they already did to make the city and they learned they can't torch planets just like they probably did earth cause when they did, they needed another planet to go to.

>I just don't see the point of a revenge mission when they have larger objectives.

They can do both, and it's not a revenge mission, it's the same idea as a fugitive. In their eyes they're bringing him to justice.

>Why not relocate and start your mining and resource operations in a less populated area of the planet and spread from there?

Because they know this area, because there are mines that are mostly prepared and not fully gone, because it's a port, because it was a good landing zone, because they knew how the natives would fight (the devil we know) because this is a company, not a military and saving money in any way is their goal, because we don't know the laws of the earth governments in the 2160's on Pandora.

>I'd have thought the water people coming to Sully and being like "Hey, uh, we found Humans" would be more sensible.

  1. He'd have already had a war he was fighting

  2. He's not protecting his family then, what's the point? He fights for the tribe he is a part of.

>a million? There was a whole team of avatars, clone badguy, travel to another system, which would still cost money even if they were paying somebody who was already going. They had plenty of gear.

Already going to happen independent of Jake Sully, if you subtract what was already planned to happen before the fight in avatar 1 from what they spent, under a million

If you're talking the whole plan, then yes, far more than a million, but the entire Jake-hunting-mission so far was supposed to be uncomplicated and pretty cheap. Didn't turn out that way, but it was meant to.

>you hit $1 million very fast during a military operation.

Company, not a military

>So relocate your family temporarily and handle it? Instead of abandoning your new people and bringing the danger to a new set of unprepared people. Did he think they wouldn't find him?

Isn't that what he's doing? At the end he goes (paraphrasing) "I now know I can't protect my family by running, it's time to face them"

And yes, they wouldn't have found him until Norm's Samson troop carrier flew out to find Kiri.

>If they couldn't, they'd capture and torture forest people for his location.

He told them he was going to "the ocean tribes" and also, as it says, "they are a world themselves" the ocean tribes are massive, they wouldn't have found him, they couldn't even find him in a 50 tribe island group

>He had to know he couldn't just hide. As you said "He's toruk makto and was olo'ektan."

If you don't tell someone where you're going, then they won't know, capture a forest person "he's somewhere with an ocean tribe" capture a person from the ocean tribes, then Tonowardi already told them not to tell the humans where Jake was.

>It just seemed to me like lame reasons for everything.

You want them to be lame, so you don't think them through, don't call out a movie for your own fault.


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>Why is the Earth bankrolling a multi-trillion dollar revenge mission to kill a man who doesn't really even hold much power on Pandora?

He's toruk makto and was olo'ektan, he might have been the most powerful na'vi anywhere, as well as leading the insurgency, he was the most wanted to the RDA.

Also, they didn't spend probably more than a million hunting him, there was one drop in the hallelujah mountains and then they piggybacked on the tulkun hunting, basically a background operation.

>Same villain? Really? Why would it be important to the mission to get the same guy? Expensive.

He knows how Jake works and remember, his plan would have worked, the na'vi were loosing before thousands of animals came after them, and now they won't cause he's a recom.

>So, violence bad or violence necessary? Not sure of the message here.


>Sully seemed like he's suddenly anti-violence as an excuse to go find water people.

Your family not being part of a war is a very good start to not getting your family killed. He went to find the Metkayina in order to get his family out of danger.

If you look into the movie, there is an explanation for everything.


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I've found (at least for me) people want to hate it, I say I lake it and I have 1-3 people telling me why I don't at any given time, when I do get a nice conversation with someone they normally liked it

Seems like a loud minority that doesn't like it, but they shut up the quiet majority sometimes