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That's one way of doing it. I use a screwdriver to pop the top when it gets stuck or breaks. But don't think that I didn't imagine cutting the top off the can too. I also toyed with the idea of using a nail to create two holes in the top to pour out the contents.


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oh wow

use this as a 4th of July/new years eve PSA for people who think it's safe to fire a gun in the air


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the solar system is hoarding moons - it has a real problem

Seriously though, most moons exist because they got trapped. It's not that they're being formed by the planet on any needed basis unless that planet had something collide with it and a moon was formed that way (like earth). So I'm not entirely certain there really is an importance to having so many moons. It just happened that way over time.


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cats - they're less maintenance than dogs, they're independent little f'rs more along the lines of roommates than pets, and they live longer if you keep them indoors and keep up w/ their vet visits. Downside? Fur and furballs. Upside, oh those purrs and whenever you are sick they will curl up with you (ok, maybe it's because you have a fever - don't judge)