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Nice data! Ours is 1200 Sq ft house with 18,000 BTU centrally ducted. We are having similar results as you (and have discovered today that the relay on the in-unit electric resistance coil is broken).

Keeping up ok but definitely drooping.


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This is definitely not true. I didn't really have a problem with those dogs, but if you sat down to eat a snack up at the top they would sit right down next to you and breath very smelly dog breath in your face while hopefully waiting for a snack. You move, they move. Certainly not aggressive or violent but they did approach people minding their own business


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If you're driving somewhere in snow that makes you think you'll need awd, then you definitely need snow tires. AWD/4WD helps you go, but it's the tires that help you stop. And stopping is more important than going, all things considered