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It's not really about nepotism per se, it's about these so-called nepo babies acting like they got to where they are now all because of their hard work and being better than others. They refuse to acknowledge that nepotism played a major part in that. That's the real issue at hand.

They would have never gotten there without nepotism.


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Yet they've all been released with excuses from the justice department..

So yea.. guess if you're Russian and want to take drone shots of the natural beauty of Norway you're immediately labeled a spy.

The paranoia of people is insane these days.


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> Denmark and Germany decided against triggering Article 5 after Russia blew up the Nord Stream pipelines.

There is as much proof that the US was behind that as there is that Russia is behind it.

All the affected countries (Norway, Germany, Denmark) have been investigating it since the start and there is no proof that Russia was behind it, or that it even was a sabotage.


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The Vasa went down in the Baltic Sea.

> The Baltic Sea preserves underwater cultural heritage extremely well primarily due to the low light, low salinity and cold temperature that prevent the proliferation of the Naval Shipworm (Teredo navalis), which devours submerged wood

The Vasa is the exception rather that the rule. Most shipwrecks can't be raised, just like the one we're talking about in this post.


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Nah fuck Starlink. This isn't just about researchers and scientists, this is about everyone. If Starlink puts up all 45k satellites then say goodbye to any nice sunset/sunrise photo you want to make. Say goodbye to any nightshot you want to make.

All your photos will be ruined with lightstreaks.

Most third world countries have better/cheaper internet than America, they don't need Starlink.

The people who want Starlink the most are Americans who want to live in the middle of nowhere but don't want to pay for good non-satellite internet.


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What is it with people who simply won't believe what actual experts are saying and instead will make up their own version of events?

It's like, here are people who studied for decades to reach the knowledge they have now accompanied with the best scientific research available but nope, not good enough for me, I'll make up my own reality.