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I mean, the majority of the industry has moved over to PoS, so that addresses efficiency. As for them being centralized, I agree to a certain extent. Look at mining for example, it was never decentralized. One company holds a pool and people join it. Profits are given to you by the pool, it's all backwards tbh


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I actually did some more searching and found something called DeNS (decentralized name service). I can say that you're right. But why does it feel like the technology is DOA? Why isn't it seeing mass adoption? Why is the community more concerned about money than the greater good of the internet?


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But crypto is 12 (approaching 13 years old). Are you old enough to remember what the internet looked like after 13 years? It was pretty developed and you could do things on it that were never possible. If you wanted to check the weather, you didn't need the weather channel anymore. If you wanted to send a message, you could IM instead of SMS, and so on. What about "WEB3"? It cannot replace the internet anytime soon, even though you hear that too often now


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I know what you mean, but that is a different decentralization that we also very much DO need. I'm more approaching the aspect of the internet, no DeFi, that's something that purely applies to cryptographic currency. I'm more leaning towards its utility that was promised


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But in all honesty, there are some things that can improve things. Over the past two years, each data leak is breaking new records. There has to be a time when these centralized institutions just find decentralization as the less of two evils at least.

Buzz words definitely hindered its development, though. I throw up a little everytime I hear crypto buzzwords