quantumdeterminism t1_j9whmpf wrote

This is an interesting take.

For all we know, Maybe there is an inverse correlation there, the more conscious you are, the more disconnected you are from objective reality.

May be the ants really have the upper hand on us when it comes to reality. There is just no way to know.


quantumdeterminism t1_j9vwb1o wrote

The completeness and accuracy of perception can only be measured in relative terms, as you aptly put.

If we are to assume humans have a higher level of consciousness, than say, ants who don't understand calculus, our 'perception' of reality must be the most accurate amongst all 'perceptions' of reality.

Objective awareness of reality, distinct and detached from our consciousness is physically impossible, and if we are at the highest level of consciousness, this just might be it.

Unless there comes along a superior alien race, or AI takes over, we look like we are stuck in this perception for the foreseeable future.