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My sister's boyfriend called my dad for his permission and my dad said "I don't know why don't you ask her?" Then he hung up, called my sister and ranted that the guy didn't respect her as an independent woman.

She did marry the guy. It lasted about six months before she realized my dad was right.

Every family and couple is different. It's best to know what the family and significant other will think of this in advance.


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What are you on about? Every job I have worked in for the last 10 years required a badge to swipe in and out of the building, and the badges can be deactivated remotely. The security guard sitting at the front desk doesn't have to look at a giant list and match it with your face, the little light turns red or green. The little gate does or doesn't open.


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I'm not particularly interested in romance in my personal life. But I do like romance movies if they are romance that is if they're about love and compromise, not about infatuation and rapidly altering your own personality and interests in order to be with another person. I'm looking at you 90% of rom-coms.