quietreasoning t1_j85uaf2 wrote

It's reality and you're either thinking you're benefiting from it or intentionally ignoring it to act like this. Jan 6th insurrectionists and traitors and terrorists are what these people are or supporting. It must be acknowledged with proper punishment, imprisonment, forbiddance from office, and loss of voting rights. We have laws that have been broken and we need to see justice.


quietreasoning t1_itsr8hx wrote

If OP and their partner received the same thing but one was incomplete and they happen to be registered to different parties, that would be particularly suspicious. That is obvious, doesn't need to be implied. It would warrant investigation. It would take all of five minutes to investigate and find if your theory or something else innocent was causing OP's issue. But really, chill out with the implication sensitivity.


quietreasoning t1_itbrwlo wrote

"Regular/typical" Americans are too lazy/uninterested to vote regularly. That's how you get a minority with ~30% of the population able to drive us to this craziness. Team D and Team R is a mindset we need to drop.

To be clear, vote Democrat and never the traitor party, but if we get passed this Era we need to get better.