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I don't think they understand how bad medical care is in the civilian sector. Waiting months to see a specialist, paying thousands for minor procedures in addition to thousands per month in premiums and many doctors not even accepting new patients. We had to drive 5 hours before to find an in network specialist. The nurses and doctors were indeed burned out as it's like a warzone in civilian hospitals too while military and VA facilities had so many employees that many could just sit and hang out most being civil service and Public employees or contractors. They want everyone to think they are so abused, but if that's true then just look at the care everyday civilians deal with on a daily basis.


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Thank you so much for sharing that, you really do offer a great perspective! I'm a civilian and pay $17k/yr for health insurance with a $7k out of pocket for the family. It also takes me months to see a specialist and doesn't include dental or vision. I have permanent disabilities due to lack of treatment from military doctors, ironically, when I was a toddler and my dad was in the air force. I get nothing from that and can't sue even though it was malpractice. I struggle to work and provide for my family. I get almost no psyche benefits and struggle. It feels like a black hole with no real help available. I don't fault veterans for getting their benefits, I just wish something could be done for civilians who try so hard and struggle. I'm glad you were able to get the help you needed and are doing better! I appreciate your service and hope that it world gets better for everyone in the future.


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I'm glad you're honest about this, a lot of veterans like to act like they are getting some third world care when in fact it's better than most private insurance and far cheaper. I worked with a guy that made $80k+/yr as a GS civil service employee, while also 100% disabled getting $42k+ tax free per year, in addition to healthcare for themselves and their families, easily valued at another $20k/yr. And in Florida disabled veterans at that level also don't have to pay property taxes.


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We already do it to every single retired military person, providing platinum medical care to them, their spouses and children... In addition to paying most thousands per month in disability while still allowing them to work full time. Ass to that education benefits that they can give to their spouse or children.