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>He and the owner say they fired all three employees by the next day and apologized to Ms. Smith for the incident.

>"They offered to help pay bond money and offered to give me the $50 bill, and any support I needed, but I didn't want it,

They were likely afraid of getting sued but still, that's a good pre-emptive move


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>Federal investigators wrote they identified the man from a YouTube video where he was at times carrying a Confederate flag - and at one point, investigators wrote he sprayed a Capitol police officer with mace.

If he had been a person of colour, he would have been handled "very differently"...like President Obama agrees and the Head of Capitol Security agrees

"very differently" = shot dead


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>On June 25, 2020, the band announced that To Better Days would be their final release under the name Slaves, on a Facebook statement, the band wrote,

As obstinate supporters of the BLM movement, we cannot continue to tie our music and our positive message to a word associated with such negative weight and hurt.[31]


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She's likely telling that same story and having a laugh at you (in a good way) being embarrassed since she likely knew the band...

I, as a person of color, had someone say that, to motivate me, they were going to whip me...

Awkward eye moment

They said "I cannot believe I said that"

They didn't mean it in a racial manner just like you didn't


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>"When we called our band Slaves, it was intended solely as a reference to the grind of day to day life,” the two wrote in a post on their new official Instagram page."

That tracks

>"Someone once wrote on our Facebook wall, ‘Nobody but African-Americans have a right to use the word slaves.’"

That's BS


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I would really like to know which "Well-regulated militia" this woman belonged to, was going to belong to, had belonged to that warranted her having a weapon.

/me settling back and getting ready for the following false arguments

  1. The 2A says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed - despite the fact that they are in fact legally infringed all the time

  2. "well-regulated" means in working order, not actual regulations

  3. a militia means "all the people"

  4. something equally stupid