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Cerberus and Mercedes and Fiat and Stelentis have destroyed Chrysler. For example, a 2008 Caravan required about double the expected maintenance and had more recalls than you could imagine. Including ignition switches failing while you are driving down the road


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Ask them to give you 4 quarters for a dollar each time you go in. Or ask the landlord to sell you the rolls of quarters since he must have a lot of them!!


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Without seeing the proposal, it shouldn’t be allowed if it is in a wetland or has a conservation restriction. The developer should show a decommissioning plan that is funded, to dispose of the panels at the end of their life. It should also not be allowed in a residential zone, only industrial or commercial zoned. You could also build it over a manmade drainage area. Years ago I used to work on Tracer Lane. Also, that silver building, they exceeded Waltham height restrictions by mounding the dirt up higher!