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People who are found many days later have a source of water, enough to keep them alive, through something like rainfall.

In the Sampoong department store collapse in South Korea, the last surivor was rescued 17 days after the collapse with only a few scratches.

More details here.


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Yeah, it was actually in the upper 20s here yesterday morning when I was out hiking. I had on leggings and jeans, then a thin shirt and a thick sweater and a thick hoodie. That is what I plan to wear mostly. Plus, I am naturally insulated through a rigorous schedule of eating too much junk food so there's that too.

I have gloves and a scarf and my hoodie has a, well, a hood, but no boots. Alas.


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I'm reading a book on Leavenworth Prison and its history. There was a corrections officer working there who was a huge guy (300 pounds) and verbally and at times physically aggressive with inmates. He was also allegedly physically violent with his wife, daughter, and sons. At least once the wife moved out because of this but ultimately returned.

Turns out he was killed via shotgun by one of his teenaged sons, though it seems both were involved. There was a bit of an investigation and it all got swept under the rug, and no one was charged in the killing.


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So I just heard about the latest idiocy in Florida and thought to myself, well, maybe there's a legitimate reason why he might be opposed to this. Maybe there's a general ban on anything but world history for an AP class. Maybe there are valid reasons that others have also raised not to allow the course.

But nope. Just DeSantis pandering and being ignorant.