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Our military power and logistics would do a lot for building/rebuilding infrastructure either to prevent or help after climate disaster.

It would be a way to avoid "footing the bill" by providing an invaluable service, and not copping to a dollar amount of responsibility (what truly matters), if others are helping fund resources. No messy "reparations" talk for stupid culture wars, and can even try to turn it into a "rah rah USA!" thing watching our boys kick ass and help the world. Shit, I'd even feel some pride for us sending them overseas for once in my lifetime.

It would actually be peacekeeping missions without shooting anyone. What a concept.

Plus, what politician doesn't like more excuses to keep the military machine up?


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No, not at all. That is chronic wasting disease, an infection caused by prions, a much more scary contagious entity separate from viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.

Prions, unlike COVID, are not a virus, but a misfolded protein that prompts others to misfold. The most commonly known prion disease is Mad Cow Disease.

They have a nasty habit of surviving for a very long time outside of a body, can't be sanitized away with anything short of undiluted bleach or similar, and need high, continuous temperatures to incinerate. They propagate in the infected for years before any symptoms show, and there is no known cure.

I mean, now that I've taken a look at that article, it kind of explains quite a bit there to tell you it's not a virus like COVID.


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Historically, targeting oil lords makes them all kill-y. These days at best, if you're in a Western democracy country, you'd probably be blacklisted and buried to whatever extent possible.

Unfortunately making a ruckus among us is probably one of the most effective options, and if they believe their, and all our, lives are on the line I'm thankful it's at least this sort of thing.

Historically, nothing to lose mentalities for existential causes don't go well either. Shit, less on the line in the 70s and there were the bombing type of eco-terrorism. I'm honestly surprised we haven't hit that, but maybe it's just less lead in the air...