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well.. technically the compass points towards the magnetic south of the earth magnetic field.. which is at the north pole...

That's because the magnetic north of your compass is attracted by the magnetic south of earth, so what we call "north" is actually the magnetic south... pretty weird I know


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Not really.. a median income for a family in the us was about 30k a year, a house costed on average 120k

In 2023 the median wage per family is close to 60k, with a median house price at 400k

Sure, housing price increased faster than a salary, but o, you could not work six months to a year in a factory and afford a house.. not even close


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Reply to comment by Spaceboot1 in $10 is the new $5. by hearsdemons

For the us it would be 1994…

I think people overestimate how much inflation we had the last couple of years, and think prices doubled in a few years.. they didn’t.. they doubled in 30 years.. which is not unusual


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Or you can just talk to her and ask how much force she is comfortable with, starting very gently and asking if she’d like it stronger…

But what are we talking about? This is not r/lifeProTips and what you posted doesn’t qualify as a shower thought