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I think you’ve made quite a leap of logic here, you’re saying BECAUSE an arrow has a certain quality, life is that way too. That’s like saying, because apples only grow from trees, when you find yourself growing out of a tree, don’t worry, you’ll be turning into a nice delicious apple soon


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Why use an AI to make a "guess" about what was actually said in the recording, thereby replacing a lack of knowledge with incorrect knowledge, which I'm sure is worse


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In Indonesia they have something called Martabak, and you can get the sweet dessert kind. It’s basically like fried bread or dough, almost like French toast, and you can get it with chocolate, cheese, banana, nuts. And that’s not to mention just like sweet toast or toasties which are literally just like fried pieces of brioche or sweet bread with these ingredients put on top of it



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Loooooool. Also, I work a little in UX design. I’ve decided the whole field is a crock of shit, and the only thing that matters is, can the user do what they want on the website. Everything should fall from that, and nothing more. None of this like, the user doesn’t even KNOW what they want to do until they see all the OPTIONS we’ve given them. As long as you minimize latency and make the graphics look somewhat standardized, that’s it