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no, now it's they just think the solar looks ugly and that is their reason for not wanting it. Or windmills kill birds as if they suddenly care about birds.

The reality is most of the baby boomers are simply being selfish and trying to take as much as they can up to the very last moment of their lives. They truly don't care what happens after they are gone as long as their gas is cheap and the market is good enough to supplement the pathetic amount of money they set aside for their retirements. They've learned nothing from the last 50 years of history so there is no reason to expect them to change now.


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I grew up in Lincoln county but I never actually ate there, I do recall a time in the 90s when folks talked about the price and the portion of lobster being a hell of a deal. But I've heard those days are long gone from what folks in here seem to say.

I personally always liked Shaw's myself and when I am back up that way it's where I tend to go.


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that's been a thing for a while now, people can't understand why no one is interested in the min wage job with no benefits they are advertising. Instead they cry how no one wants to work anymore.


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my hs was similar in that sense along the coast, 96 graduating seniors, it served like 10 towns. prob a third never did any school beyond HS and a good number of those who did go away for school came back. I don't recall there being much of a bible thumping scene in those days but there was a very pervasive mind set that could be seen as demotivating for anyone who might have thought differently or dreamed of a world beyond that rural collection of towns on the coast.


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good grief, why the rush? only thing worse than running out and buying a new truck after HS is having a baby right off the bat. I could just never understand why people encouraged it, it's like they wanted them to be stuck in that small town and not be able to move away


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I suppose it depends on where you went and what you had.

Katz's is a great example, the serving is massive and it's one of those iconic spots\tourist traps but I honestly feel other places do better pastrami and offer a better value for the money.

Grand Central Oyster Bar is a nice enough place and the prices are fair but I would always advise people to check out Maison Premier if they are looking for oysters as they tend to have a better selection on their menu and the oysters they serve tend to be larger and meatier for a similar price.