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My two core ones that work for me:



I have others but those are my core to fix my antibiotic induced problems. It took a few helpful PhD folks and many years to figure something out that works for me. Also I tend to take Dapsone for a week or two after my other anti-biotic round when I have to take them. It really makes a huge difference after my initial anti-biotic round, while I transition off them with the start of my probiotic routine. I do not take them together, i split my day on the gut reprogramming, dapsone at night, probiotics in the morning while I get off the whole antibiotic routine. It does take a few months before i stop having the responses to the gluten. Then I am free until something triggers my hidradenitis and i have to get back on the anti-biotics and start all over.

Also, I like fermented things. Pickled stuff, kim chi, etc. I do not do yogurts. I expect what works for others is highly dependent on what you eat already and the individual state of your own gut microbiome. I don't eat much in the way of sugar or bread/wheat based things that have gluten outside what I mentioned before. No cakes, no cookies, no candy, no crackers. I avoid processed foods most of the time, though occasionally on a holiday or special occasion will indulge in something sweet.


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> gluten

fwiw. Never celiac as a child through my early 20's.... then things slowly changed and started having issues that i chalked up to aging and not something else.

I know this from personal experience far to well. It took me decades to figure out for myself and my own body. We're all different but...

Anti-biotics can cause gluten intolerance that can lead to celiac and IBS responses and diagnoses and positive tests across the board.

A standard course of anti-biotics is enough to completely screw the gut microbiome and for me, cause celiac and often ibs responses. Then a weird cycle can happen when dealing with many doctors to treat the different symptoms that prolongs the problem.

I can reset via specific probiotics and slowly re-introducing it. It takes me about 3 to 5 five months to reset, dependent on how long i had to take the antibiotics. I worked with some PhD folks as a "hail mary" before i said goodbye to certain foods forever.

Most folks seem to have gluten issues, they just don't realize it because it can present in many manners. Headspace is a big part of most people's responses.

I like my occasional pizza and soughdough to much, and I love a good burrito, and screw the medical world that told me I could not keep enjoying these things.


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Or, Is there really a problem in the first place?

A raw picture is a fact if it has not been photoshopped or staged, what people use and do with that fact that can create volumes of truth and lies due to personal biases and agendas and simple misinterpretation.

Trained and certified FEMA responders come from across the country to places where they don't match the race of the target demographics.

I know at least 30 people who responded to Harvey and came from San Francisco and Seattle to help. All were white.