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Have you ever watched Primitive Technology make some iron from ore? The guys who first made some iron didn't say "okay, now let's make an integrated steel mill". And we still ended up in today's world.

We're currently in the Primitive Technology phase of space mastery. But we don't need to jump straight to in-situ resource-utilised manufacturing. Each new capability unlocks a new way of making money. Each new way of making money pushes development of new capabilities.

First satellite 1957; first communications satellite 1960. Many steps since. More steps to go. But we are getting close to a tipping point. SpaceX is launching often enough to get good at it, making it routine. Space-based manufacturing research is at the point that they see viable products at the horizon. Either StarShip or competitors will drive launch costs further down. There will be a point where these lines cross, and the floodgates will open.

I don't think I will live to see the space equivalent of an integrated steel mill, but I do think space will touch my life in more ways than only through communications and remote sensing.


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Ithink you sincerely underestimate how much money can be made in space. We're just cracking the tools and 1st benefits of micro-g production and biosciences. There needs to be only 1 succesful product that has to be produced in space to let asteroid mining companies have business plans viable for venture capital. As soon as there is some asteroid mining the cat's out of the bag and things will explode.


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Especially since this discovery is in a completely different league from the usual 'breakthroughs'. Cracking how to stop nanowires from cracking is huge for a number of fields, one of which is batteries. It is also a lot more fundamental than usual.

And of course there is a long and uncertain road between gold nanowires in a lab and mass-produced batteries, but still, just knowing a 200k cycling battery with no degradation is even possible is valuable. I'd love there to be some NASA rovers with undying tech.


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>In December, the International Energy Agency published two important reports that point to the future of renewable energy.

>First, the IEA revised its projection of renewable energy growth upward by 30%.


You're a bad faith arguer. You may reply but I will stop wasting time on your nonsense.


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I expect it was agreed beforehand in a very backroom agreement that this was the best method to deny Russia its pressure tool & making something that was almost certain but unpredictable into a predictable certainty & stopping political fallout for the receiving countries from "we don't want to dance to Putin's tune even though he could alleviate current inflation".

It costs some extra euros but that more than weighs up for the prevention of active societal unrest.


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A whike ago I stumbled over the Paani Foundation who are reaping massive results with a program like this.


Meanwhile, in Spain they're still battling desertification with the proven unsuccesful method of monoculture grid tree planting...

We already have many solutions, if only we would implement them better...


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My amateur 2 cents: in theory you're probably right, in practice... I'd imagine a calm, peaceful reaction is not guaranteed if somebody randomly comes walking up to someone to give them an out-of-the-blue lifechanging diagnosis which has a large rizsk of not be getting serious, either by the person or their doctor.


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Yeah sure, all for the lovely price of some economic warfare and industrial espionage. Who could disagree with that??

Fpr example: https://www.glimpsefromtheglobe.com/topics/economics/explaining-airbus-boeing-rivalry

Edit: I also know of no active hostilities from China towards the West. They complain about our meddling but I can't blame then for that.

If the USA would keep to their own as China does, USA wouldn't be known as warmongers.