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However it appears that the electrification of cars was always going to be the start of the electrification of everything else so this will drive the electrification infrastructure forward and battery technology forward that will allow the kinds of innovations that will lead to being able to offset a lot of that carbon would be released by heavy shipping and airliners.

I didn't know things were much better on the infrastructure front in Europe. I was always appreciative to Ellen musk for giving away the supercharger adapter patent because it did go on way to standardizing a type of socket or at least allowing for the compatibility of several different types so that there's not this walled garden so to speak and that's what we need because right now you could fuel up your car and any gas station well that should be essentially the same situation when it comes to the electrification of cars and it could have very well went the other way where you got Apple with the lightning cable and there was the juggling of USB standards for a while with the other phones.


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I heard it thanks kind of neat scratch that no not the record Play that but the the kind of is actually really and truly the awesome part because I heard it which means so did you by way of however it doesn't matter it's a fun take. Are you still listening to a lot of twee, and I have to admit being a little bit old school true I don't quite hear the lyrics because of how behind the mix they are but when I used to listen to twee that was the thing. At least that's what stuck out by not sticking out this is sort of like shoe gaze dream pop Twee but shorter and you know The also appropriate to me part.