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I was diagnosed with scoliosis last year at age 39. When looking at an x ray from a deca scan, it’s very obvious to see the twists in the spine and the uneven hips…

But when standing up right and wearing clothes, 99.9% of people would never notice it, and would say it’s in my head if I mentioned it.

I can absolutely feel the twist and the effects of it, especially when lying on my side in bed, or lifting weights…

Anyway, having scoliosis doesn’t always mean that you have a very obvious case… and unfortunately for me, because it wasn’t obvious, it didn’t get diagnosed until age 39, when it was far to late to do anything to correct it.


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Keep track of AST/ALT over time. Part of how Metformin works is it blocks gluconeogenesis which is basically the process of the liver producing glucose. Most likely if you are relatively low body fat % and have hopefully zero (or very low) visceral body fat, this may not matter so much…

But I’d imagine the higher risk comes into play if you have a NAFLD already.

And yes, you are right about kidney issues, too. My dad was on Metformin for a few years and was eventually diagnosed with some mild kidney issues that were believed to be caused by it, and his medications were changed. That said, my dad is overweight and inactive and diabetic… so his case will be very different if you are living a healthy lifestyle.


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When you say benefits, do you mean the on-label diabetes treatment, or off label as a diet aid or longevity drug?

I looked into it as a non-diabetic, and the risk of liver damage seemed too high for me to consider it. Sure it makes sense for people who need it, but I’m unconvinced it is always going to enhance longevity… and it certainly isn’t strictly necessary to lose fat.


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My wife and I got bit by bedbugs in a hotel once. Luggage lived in the garage (far from the bedrooms) for months. Laptops and other electronics went in the freezer for a few days. Clothes went through high heat wash regardless of if it was “safe” or not.

Fortunately we didn’t bring any into our house… but I was still paranoid for months after just one night or bedbug bites.


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Clean = no processed foods. No man made chemicals. No seed oils. Oils that can be extracted by cold expeller pressing or churning are okay.

Everything you eat is as close to the way it was when it was living at the time you eat it. Obviously cooking is okay, but best to bake instead of fry when practical.


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I agree, but also want to point out that if you are trying to have a very clean diet, it’s very easy to end up with low blood sodium. I did this.

I switched to a diet of only one meal a day, and only these ingredients:

Proteins: steak, fish, chicken, shrimp, oysters, eggs, bacon

Veggies: lettuce, cabbage, tomato (yes I know, technically a fruit including a few others on this list, but we eat them as vegetables and they are low sugar), peppers, onion, olives, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, broccolini.

Oils: extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, organic virgin avocado oil, grass fed butter.

Once I hit my goal weight I will add back whole milk, plain yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese… I’m just trying to avoid the carbs for now.

I’ve been really enjoying the diet, it’s been very easy to follow and I’m losing a ton of weight very fast and retaining muscle…. But I had a blood test and came by low blood sodium and had to start putting salt on everything to correct it.

The amount of salt in processed food and restaurant food is crazy high… and as soon as you start only having unprocessed food, it’s very very easy to end up low sodium.