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I mean I have 0 worries, in fact I’m excited for the future as tech just keeps growing we still have many things left to achieve using coding. Smart cities, VR, AI, etc

No one is really that worried about short term automation outside this sub which sometimes feels like the flat earth society of AI.


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I mean we aren't even at the 1% of human total civilization potential but we will stop and give up because 0.00000001% of the population who commenting subreddit think so.


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People are on this sub need to go outside, just do it most people work on a bullshit skilless job and still make good money to own a house, provide for a family, cars, vacations, etc.

There will be always jobs, in fact I expect the next decades to have jobs shortages.

Like it or not we are still on the early stages of human civilization we still have many relative short milestones like Mars landing, AI, Healthcare, robotics, metaverse, etc. Thinking there won't be jobs this early means you should go outside and stop being delusional, I get the flying cars vibes from the past.


I personally I'm giving all on AI development and research.