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More like ... Our staff are easy people to take out grief and frustrations on. We're trained to deal with grief and we're strangers, so some people can act out more than others. And some are just jerks and it's more evident when they're grieving. We're not your enemy and are actually trying to help you.


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No worries.

As far as I am aware, there is nothing in Maine that allows for this. Methods of disposition are cremation, burial with or without embalming, or donation to science. I'm not even sure where something like this would be set up. You wouldn't want this in your yard - decomposing bodies are nasty things.


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It's very possible I do. :) Feel free to PM me if you wish. ;-)

We try. I'm not a director, I'm in the office, so I'm first line when someone calls us. I put up with a LOT of crap sometimes, but try to be patient because the people I'm dealing with have just had their world rocked and are trying their best to cope. Some people do it better than others.


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Every time i answer a funeral question, I'm attacked every single time like I'm somehow responsible for it. I'm not. Just answering a question, so move on instead of taking it out on me (anyone, not just you). And no, not all burials are green in the end. - the processes are completely different. You're still dead and buried in the end. But not green. No.