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In all honesty, you shouldn't have to be exhausted at 19 putting up with an older sibling's tantrums. She might have mental health issues so I'm not judging her but whether she does or not, it's not fair that your parents have let her get away with acting like this without addressing it. I mean I assume this behaviour hasn't come out of nowhere from the way you talk about how you feel like you should have anticipated it.

If you have the option, it might be worth talking to a counsellor yourself just to get an outside perspective on things and maybe some practical advice on how to manage this situation. It's fucked that you need to anticipate whether any little thing you do is gonna unleash world war 3 at home constantly, and it's a drain on your own mental health that you don't need.


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That makes sense...acid doesn't make people violent or destructive as a general rule, but it can make you do some dumbass shit because common sense goes bye bye.

Someone froze all our cutlery in a block of ice as a prank once and my housemate had to stop me from putting it in the microwave to thaw it out lol...except he was tripping hard as well so all he could do was say MICROWAVE BAD over and over till I got it. And that was on a couple tabs, 10 would break my brain! You're lucky you got out of it aa well as you did all things considered!


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By high school she's calling herself Seeobean or whatever because that's what she wants to be called...is it weird? Yes. Is it not how it's normally pronounced? Yes. But it's still her name she's had from the time she was born, you just gotta adapt to it at this point.


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You don't need to "pronounce all sounds of all languages" to make an effort to remember a person's name for fuck's sake. That's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard πŸ™„

I can't speak Macedonian, but when I met my friend Vlatko I didn't say "no that's too hard, we're going to call you Bill" like he was told the first day of school when he moved here.

Also, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that someone knows how to pronounce their own name better than you do.

Self-awareness is a thing you might want to look at evolving some time, mate.


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In Australia they do it all the time, which honestly I just feel is bowing to ignorant racists who think they can't pronounce "Rahul" because their three brain cells are struggling to keep up autonomous functions and be an entitled bigot at the same time, but anyway it does happen a lot.


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I remember walking down an empty street once at 3am and hearing Guru Josh's Infinity playing from somewhere in a huge construction site...that was the most surreal experience, but I feel like hearing Africa on loop in the middle of an African desert would be like that times 1000!


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Murder is definitely acceptable to some people in some circumstances - I would have no moral issue killing a stranger if it's the only way to stop them from killing someone I love.

I understand not everyone has that same viewpoint, but these are decisions we make as people, it's not like there's a quantifiable objective truth when it comes to morality.