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I mean a ton for rent is normal for dorms. UofM charges 25880 per school year for a triple dorm. If you figured that cost out for a full year, your lovers triangle could build a 3br 2ba median cost house in the state in 6.5 years.

they also are charging 5172 a school year (8 months) for food. 646 a month / 21.55 a day


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or the better option is you just delete gas stations as being a thing. Most of the Superchargers I take my tesla to are in shopping centers or grocery stores. Your once a week fill up becomes your once a week grocery run. Plug in, come back out 45 minutes later with a full cart and enough energy for the next week.

Your average big box store has 1000 spots. your gas station has 12.


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Its worse, ICE cars refuse to get off tech from 20 years ago, and the fab plants refuse to build stuff that cant be repurposed. Intel told ford they would make them all the chips in the world a couple years ago if they ditched 45nm for current single digit nm tech. Ford instead decided "Fuck it, I'm going to get in the chip foundry business"


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Yeah there is for lead 210. Its a naturally occuring trace element in soil.

Dig up the ground on your property, send it for analysis, and they will find some amount of it. In the vast majority of places this amount will be so small, it wont matter.

Same goes for polonium 210.

The numbers are tiny, but they are not 0


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meat products make up 80% of the land usage for 20% of the calories gained.

We can tell 4/5's of farms to go fuck themselves. have 1/5th switch to plant based food on 1/4th the land needed. and have no caloric difference. This also massively reduces water usage, and GHG emissions.

No farms, Same (albiet different type) food.