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Yeah I was aware of the halo and Cuphead. I was not aware of the fallout show. Good to know.

You're right they don't need to, but if they have a platform they don't need to "shop it around" which removes some complexity.

I honestly don't think Microsoft needs to buy Netflix, and I don't see a major gain for them if they do. They could probably make a little more of a profit with Netflix than current Netflix (take all the cloud services in house to Azure and they get the family discount there) but I don't see much sense in them buying Netflix, unlike the author of the article.


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>Part of the rationale for a deal is that Microsoft wants to offer a video-game streaming service over multiple devices.

This makes no sense for several reasons.

  1. Microsoft has a game streaming service. It's built into their game pass service.
  2. Netflix does not have the same skill set as their existing developers / engineers to design games for streaming. Netflix has a few games, but most of them are mobile apps, not streaming games.

IF Microsoft is looking to buy Netflix next year, it would likely be for their video streaming customers / service, and possibly the content production. They could offer discounts If you have both game pass and netflix, but thinking larger, I'd think they would use it to cross promote their upcoming games.

What if the new elder scrolls game also had a twelve episode anime launch on Netflix the week before the game launches. Or a fallout live action show. They own the IP rights to these now, and would be able to expand the brands.


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Welcome conservative! The "why" is because it is a basic human need. It is the right thing to do.

>Any real argument I think of leads to the thought that there are a heap of other things poor people need to live but are not subsidised.

This is not an either or situation. People should have everything they need to live. Basic human needs should be supplied to all individuals.