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r/Philadelphia has a great mega-thread with continuous updates, I encourage you to check it out!!!

As for where things stand right now:

  • Water is safe to drink and use until at least Wednesday night at 11:59pm
  • They’ll keep testing and updating us regularly, any threat/concern should pass within a week (not sure if this meant a week from the spill AKA Friday or a week from when I read that AKA next Monday)
  • Really, the water is fine. Especially for showering, cleaning, dishes, etc. Even if they find the chemicals, the water is fine for those purposes.

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My very real feeing is that if the water isn’t fully safe by next week we’ll hear MUCH more about this in the coming days/week.

And also the whole region will run out of bottled water (lol? Kind of?)

So while showering sounds like it’s fine now (and technically they’re saying ingestion “shouldn’t cause any short term issues”, so technically we could drink the water now if we wanted to), if there’s any hint of any issues for more than another day or so I expect a full uprising - think about the restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels whose businesses are on the line. Not even just residents, everyone will be throwing a FIT.

(The spill doesn’t impact the majority of the city but the affected plant does serve Center City and South Philly, and a few other neighborhoods it seems - again, some wealthy places with wealthy businesses.)


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That’s pretty new, though, and there’s a still a lootttt more red/purple than you’d think. (Historically was working class white, has been shifting more diverse/black and getting more blue with that shift. The wealthier areas of DelCo are also not as sure of a lock for Dems as they are in other surrounding counties, but have also been trending progressive)

I’d call it purple-but-moving-blue. Should be like MontCo pretty soon (solidly blue with pockets of red).


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To your final point - there could also be really dumb procedural reasons that are easily rectified that got someone rejected.

eg - you filed it without signing the third-to-last page, so once your lawyer sees that, sign it and resubmit and you’re fine.

I’m hoping for that one - like ballots/fixing ballots.