rddman t1_j1j23w9 wrote

> Inflation and cost of living has been the only story for over a year. Everything I just said-which is why inflation is so high

Everything you said has been true more than a year ago, while inflation and cost of living were not as high as they have been for the past year. So it does not follow that the things you mentioned are the cause of high inflation.


rddman t1_j1hlleq wrote

> the following is 100% true: 1. there are more people currently employed than at any point in U.S. history 2. wages are higher than at any point in U.S. history 3. GDP is at the highest point in U.S. history 4. about 11 million jobs have been added to the economy in the last 21 months

100% true but also incomplete: cost of living is higher than ever.


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> Incidents like this make a strong case for pre-service psychological testing to determine if a person has the right mentality to serve as a cop.

The right mentality according to recruiters is one that assumes every member of the public is a threat until proven otherwise.