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Hillary and biden "carrying" all the loose states seems incredibly disingenuous when maine actually contributed electoral college votes to trump. Wonder if the author even knows about maine's non-all for 1 system....

I wonder what the north's looseness rating is though because some of the stuff like natural disasters and resources entirely buck the trend of being tight

Also I'm pretty surprised (and almost skeptical) about the dakotas. Plenty of natural resources, didn't think they were susceptible to disaster or environmental stuff not at all densely populated. Are they fat as fuck and dying early or something?


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Reply to comment by hanscomal in Covid finally got me. by Breezy207

>Even if you feel like you can do something, DON’T

In case anyone is reading this and scoffs like, fuck it, I can go for a run.... I got covid this time last year and it was basically nothing more than a 48 hour fever. I ended up shooting myself in the foot though because on a relatively cold morning about 72 hours in I felt better, so I went for what I planned to be a 3 mile jog. Got like 1 mile in and had to walk home because all of a sudden my lungs were absolutely filled with mucus. Like every breath I could cough out a little more. And it lasted all day even after I warmed up. It's was pretty interesting. I'd suggest taking the full 5 days off after symptoms in case the sinus thing lingers and if you do physical activity make sure it ain't below freezing

I did take that weekend with covid to do my taxes, so don't let anyone tell ya you can't do something you set your mind to!


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I am totally with you on this. I snowblowed around noon-thirty and didn't have to again. Unfortunately my neighbors with northeast facing driveways did not have the same luxury. Yesterday afternoon while it was still coming down I noticed a little sun trying to break through the clouds and my driveway just melted like crazy. They were like, wait, you never went back out, how is it shoveled?


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I agree. Lepage will get the minimum republican voting block which is not going to be more than mills as it is likely less % wise than moody; because

  1. He's way more polarizing than moody, so no one is swinging his way like they may have for moody. No Republican didn't vote moody, but some non-republicans may have. No republican won't vote lepage, but less non-republicans will

  2. Old people that vote lepage have died

  3. Flatlanders working remote from blue states have moved here post covid

And while #3 wasn't enough to vote in fellow flatlander sara gideon, it's probably enough to vote in mills. Not only has there been more time for them to settle, mills and collins are both regarded publicly as more centrist than their opponents

Gonna be shocked if lepage wins


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What did people feel like in the late 90s? I was just a kid, but from a naive retro-perspective I see a between-major-conflict time with a booming economy. Pre bubble and post recession. Interest rates reasonable and inflation tamed. Unemployment lowest since pre oil crisis. I guess looking at a lot of music then, there was anti-establishment vibes? But I watch a lot of snl from these times and the weekend updates just seem so tame compared to either what they could have been for years before or shortly after.

Like what the heck could people be complaining about then?? (I know people will always complain.... Just curious)