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They don't have a gun culture over there I think but I am sure there are other violent crimes. Like China with their reeducation camps and I believe Bangladesh has a big rape problem from articles I read diring the pandemic because of poverty and lack of funds to get married/start a relationship.


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In my opinion, I think violent crime in DC or elsewhere in the country has more or less the same reasons:
It is not necessary a police problem ( although bad policing can be blamed) it is not necessary a race problem (although the fucked up racist history and still current affairs unfortunely can be blamed).

I believe, it is mostly an economic problem. Poor people regardless of background will commit violent crimes , while rich people regardless of background usually commit non-violent crime but their crimes negatively affects this country more. That is not to say that violent crime should be ignored but we need to get our heads out of our asses and stop this socialism to the very rich while we get almost shit, and we need push for more equitable and fairer economic society where every American can live in dignity and that our taxes that we literally pay into for most of our lives gives us the benefits and privileges that we as American citizens deserve in this country.

I am not into DC politics but from what I understand that DC is taking good steps to help people in need and then takes a couple of steps back by relaxing policing laws...

Just my two cents of socio-political rambling. Back to my gyming...


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>She was 79, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer twice already. It was pure hubris on her part to remain on the court.

TWICE? Holy shit! Regardless of your political affiliation or beliefs you can't deny that this is fucking egotistical! Regardless, may she rest in peace.