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I don't really know shit about him, but for the record: someone can be both a victim, and an asshole, at the same time.

In fact many perpetrators of abuse, were themselves abused, which is no excuse of course.

But again, I'm not talking about him specifically, because I know nothing about him. And while other comments do speak of him, it isn't good to confuse something you read in a random comment, with something you actually know as a matter of fact. Thus I still know nothing about him.


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It's a problem in that some people imagine this is a real solution. I'm afraid we need real solutions to real problems, and Climate Change is a very real, very serious problem.


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You are not actually arguing against what I said though. But if that's what you want to do, go ahead and reply to my comment however you please. You aren't even alone in that.


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Sure. That doesn't solve the issue that so many people live outside cities. Even if you pretend they don't exist, their carbon emissions (including their cars) won't disappear.


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