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i will put on an album from a band i like when Im at work and let it finish and start autoplaying similar artists and then if anything ever makes me look up or do a mental “double take”, i will hit the little heart and add it to my favorites, then just listen back to my favorites playlist from time to time and remember “oh yeah i liked this track” and then I’ll check out one of that band’s albums and if I like that then I have found a new band I like.


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Huge Radiohead fan here, Creep is like mid-tier RH at BEST, they have so many better songs so I cant say I’m gonna defend Creep much. It’s hard to get away from as it was their biggest hit, but Fake Plastic Trees, Karma Police, Paranoid Android, hell even High and Dry are better songs IMO


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It’s so weird to me to see Ween brought up in the same comment thread as Grateful Dead and Herbie Hancock

I know it’s because Phish covered Roses Are Free and that exposed Ween to a whole new audience

But frankly, Ween deserve their own comment thread, they’re one of the best. Weird fuckers who write goofy songs but are also really skilled musicians with a phenomenal band.


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Say what you will about Phish that’s gotta be one of my favorite things a band has ever done, just straight up inventing a fake band, writing and rehearsing an albums worth of songs for a one-show gag and playing it relatively straight, like “yes we’re now going to play this legendary lost album by this totally legit, obscure Swedish band”

Dudes in Phish are straight up geeks and they do some of the craziest, funniest stuff


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I have never heard anything by Steve Miller Band that I would consider “weird”, but also I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything beyond their big radio hits. can anyone provide any examples?