realise2056 t1_j6ojxjb wrote

"USRL was liable for: $4,364 for four months’ severance for wrongful dismissal; $100,000 for battery; $25,000 for punitive damages against the supervisor personally; $10,000 for assault; $50,000 for human rights damages; $5,794 in unpaid wages; $75,000 for moral damages; and $25,000 in punitive damages. The supervisor was responsible for only $25,000 of this grand total of $295,158, but if the supervisor proves unable to pay that amount, it can be collected from the employer as well."

That guy should be in jail.

"Worst of all, the supervisor hit Osmani in the testicles in front of all his co-workers with all of his might, doing so much damage that he later had to have the testicle removed. Adding insult to this actual injury, when Osmani complained that he was having marital problems as a result, the supervisor advised: “I can help, bring by your wife.”"