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VPNs won't hide you from tech companies. They can easily find out where you are. Not to mention, they can make you show hard proof you are in a city with an office. If they find out you lied you can be told you need to pay back a certain amount for lying about living in this city but living in another. This is why RTO was enforced. People always ruined a good thing.


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It started design phase started about a decade ago. Testing started around 2015-2017. This is the version that succeeded their testing. There are more testing to be done before going into active service in 2026. The guts is likely cutting edge and the back side has something which they don't want people to see because it is bleeding edge engineering.


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Even a lot of the accounts saying this watch Insert brand are selling smoke. Apps which track your heart rate aren't fully vetted by the medical community and as such they give out a lot of false readings. An EKG machine or modified heart rate app set up by a medical team are better indicators.