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They usually dont care since you dont speak to the landlord directly. Rents are really high because of the way all big property managers are using the same third party for pricing and smaller landlords see that and follow suit although they are more open for discussion for good tenants

Also i strongly feel this is going to end badly as we go into the year . There is no way these kind of high interest rates by Fed doesnt hurt the economy over long term as without the rent decline the inflation does not come down to the 2% mark. This kind of price greed eventually dosent end well for everyone involved


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In all honesty i am very friendly with the handyman and porters as i have lived here for few years and their wages have not gone up 20% or 40% from what they tell me. Infact they laid off staff during the pandemic and have since not hired the same number of them back to service the building . Even if some hourly inceases are factored in it still does not justify the monthly price increases of 20-25%


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Yes i hears that all big property managers used the same third party system to determine future rents which is biased based on house affordability towards generating highest profits for them and make it sounds the normal rent across everyone for that area

Although im open for landlord to make profit off their properties this is like taking undue advantage akin to some retailer who were selling masks during the pandemic at ridiculously high prices (price gouging) because of supply chain issues until the government intervened