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Yeah the other comments here talking about how this is revolutionary / terrifying make me roll my eyes because they act like we haven't been doing similar research for a long time. These tools just might make the process more efficient.

It's very exciting seeing ML put to tasks that open up new possibilities vs making current tasks simpler.


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>Back up and look across nations, and over longer timespans, and it may be a net benefit to humanity if Afghanistan under the Taliban rule becomes a cautionary tale, despite the humanitarian cost within the country. Also, if a nation cannot afford to feed itself without resort to opiate exports that harm the rest of the world, perhaps its citizens should be left to solve this without external assistence.

I think this kinda assumes Afghanistan has not been significantly influenced by outside forces that have helped put it in the place it's in today. The opiate trade doesn't exist without consumers after all, especially those whose governments kept it alive.

The outside world came and took what it wanted from Afghanistan and propped up extremist organizations while it did so and now gets to peace out and go "beware"?


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Nah because it'd repeat the same vague, indeterminate bullshit 15 times. I have yet to see any expository text from chatGPT that didn't sound like a 14 yr old trying to hit a word limit. Except in those "examples" where they actually edit the output or go "all I had to do was re-generate the output 20 times giving it small adjustments each time and now I have this mediocre paragraph! Way simpler than learning how to write".


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