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Most banks that get bailed out didn't break any laws. The problem isn't the banks, the problem is the lack of laws stopping banks from gambling with their clients' money. So long as it's not illegal, banks are going to keep doing it, and every time they do, the government in power makes it illegal to do it again, and then the government that follows undoes those regulations, meaning that every ~10 years there's a financial crisis that could have been averted if the regulations that had been put in place last time hadn't been repealed.


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>For that I say a heartfelt thank you.

Did she seriously follow up a sentence about a war raging in Europe with "for that I say a heartfelt thank you"? I think that goes beyond tone deaf and straight into gaffe territory. An uncharitable reading of that sounds like she's thankful for the war giving her so many opportunities to meet new and interesting people.


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>Yeah, if you guys in Germany can actually stop filling important positions like the defense department with establishment political party figure heads we all would appreciate it.

To be fair, it wasn't an important position until last January. Unlike the USA where the defense department is one of the major economic drivers of the entire country, in nations like Germany, it's just a black hole for money. And unlike in the USA, that cabinet position isn't going to be a stepping stone to a cushy high-paying executive job at a defense manufacturer. It's more of a dead-end position or a temporary position before someone gets moved into a better cabinet post.


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No, international ship insurance covers unanticipated acts of war and/or piracy. The problem is that when you've got a full-blown war with attacks on shipping in a specific area, the amount of losses exceeds what insurers can tolerate, so they'll either cancel coverage in that specific region, or significantly increase fees for coverage in that region.


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>I’d kill for a new one, apps be damned. A web browser is sufficient imo

The problem is that the IE version it was stuck with was deprecated, and a lot of sites didn't render on it for shit. After they lobotomized Cortana, it wasn't really useful any longer. Then after the store shut down, my eBook reader app died so I couldn't even use that any longer. Literally the only thing I could use it for was as a phone.


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There was no decree or anything, but most of Western Ukraine has been fairly safe for the past few months (relatively speaking). If you lived in say, Kyiv, and fled the country when the war broke out, you might be thinking "well I'd rather be living in my own house, in my own country, than burdening the people of (country) and living in a hotel".

They're being asked to not do so, since the extra burden to the power grid would probably cause widespread blackouts which would be shit for everyone.