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Maybe when they got there other cars were not parked within the lines so they were forced to park like this. Then the other cars left and the next cars parked within the lines.


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Go past the spot until your rear bumper aligns with the car's next to yours. Turn your wheel all the way to the right and start reversing. When your right mirror lines up with the rear of the other car quickly turn your wheel left and keep reversing. This should be enough.

Make sure to watch your back wheel so you don't contact the curb.


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You must have some money at least to pay for gas. You could try buying some temporary sealant for a few bucks at an auto store and then pump up the tire. It could let the tire hold air for a bit while you drive it to a safe location.

From there you could improvise a jack by getting a rock and a long branch and use that as a lever to jack up the car.