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If you don’t like it after a few episodes, that’s not going to change. Nothing wrong with that. Personally I think it’s one of the best things I’ve watched. Nothing wrong with that either.


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Dunno why you’re being downvoted. This statement is true. He recently ignored the city council request to put together a short term (one year) police contract so that citizens could vote on oversight proposals in the pipeline. Instead, he put together a four year contract that favored the police and presented it to the council.


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There’s plenty of room for wind and solar. Have you seen all the empty land in the US? Or the projects where solar panels are installed over aqueducts to prevent evaporation? Or the farms where crops, livestock, and solar panels share space? What about all the roofs on top of homes, office buildings, schools, and shopping centers? Covered parking lots? Etc etc.

And when we run out of land, there’s space in the water off the coasts.


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Do a search of this sub. There were a few posts about it when it premiered.

Edit: To those of you downvoting, if you were really interested in people’s opinions about this show you would do a search. There have been many previous good discussions about this show on this subreddit.