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Knee jerk reaction?
>The footage shows Maguire sitting on a bench with her own small dog in her lap as a woman walking two other dogs passed by. One of the dogs — the pit bull — suddenly dragged her owner toward Maguire, snatched the small dog off the agent’s lap, and began aggressively shaking it, the source said.
>Maguire threw herself into the fracas and tried to separate the dogs, eventually drawing her weapon and placing it directly against the pit bull’s backside before shooting the animal once in its hindquarters


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Philly has a similar program:
>The Department of Public Health offers various sizes and shapes of condoms that you can pick up for free at Health Center 1 (1930 S. Broad St.), Health Center 5 (1900 N. 20th St.), or at local community organizations.
>Philly, Keep On Loving will send condoms to any address within City limits.
>Don’t forget to use lube. Lube makes condoms more effective.


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I'm with you on that. Imagine what a million dollars could do for the youth cycling and amateur rowing programs.
>it will be turned into office space for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s youth cycling program and the Schuylkill Navy, which champions amateur rowing on the river


>”it is a dear object to the community, and Parkway was not about to go in and argue that we should be able to knock it down.”

  • said Brian Berson, president of Parkway Commercial Properties

Now how many people from the community will go visit that dear object once it's moved to Fairmount?


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>At 20th and Arch Streets, perched on the edge of a vast surface parking lot, sits a nearly 100-year-old Gulf gas station done up in Spanish terra-cotta trappings.
>This vacant remnant of the early age of mass automobile ownership is protected by historic preservation regulations. It also stands in the way of the new 18-story office tower designed for insurance giant Chubb Ltd.
>That’s why the 200-square-foot structure is going to be moved from its present location to the area around the Sedgley Porter House in Fairmount Park’s Lemon Hill section.

>“The structure will be preserved and, while placed in an ahistorical context, it’s going to remain publicly usable,” said Patrick Grossi, director of advocacy for the Preservation Alliance of Philadelphia.


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>Legislation introduced Thursday by City Council President Darrell L. Clarke would create a chief public safety director who would manage the budget, operations, and development of the city’s public safety response among a handful of agencies and departments, both inside and outside law enforcement.
>The director would be among the top four administrative positions in city government, alongside the mayor, managing director, and finance director.
>The new role requires a change to the city’s Home Rule Charter, so voters would need to approve its creation through a ballot question. If legislation is approved by City Council, the question could appear on the primary election ballot May 16. A spokesperson for Mayor Jim Kenney said his office would review the legislation.
... >
>A handful of other cities, including Chicago and Columbus, Ohio, have similar director-level positions in city government that oversee the public safety response. In Newark, N.J., the director of public safety position was created in 2016 and oversees the Police Department, the Fire Department, and the Office of Emergency Management.
>Philadelphia already employs a senior director of the Office of Criminal Justice and Public Safety to coordinate the city’s public-safety response. That position is currently held by Erica Atwood, who reports to the managing director.
>Clarke, who said he discussed the plan with Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, said it was not intended to be a criticism of Atwood or Managing Director Tumar Alexander.


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>[The School District of Philadelphia’s Safe Path School and Community Safety Corridor program] began in the fall at six high schools with the goal of making sure conflicts between students don’t escalate to anything more serious.
>The school board recently approved plans to expand the program to 12 more schools over the next two years, and increase the funding for the program by $250,000, to a total of nearly $756,000.
>The Penn Injury Science Center also recently received more than $2 million in state funding, which they plan to use to expand Safe Path in partnership with the district, according to a district spokesperson.
>The Safe Path initiative is part of the district’s overall strategy to prevent gun violence on or near school campuses. According to a January multi-agency city report, about half of shootings in Philadelphia are caused by arguments. And more shootings are involving children, according to city data.
>The program is currently in the following schools:
> West Philadelphia High School
> Sayre High School
> Roxborough High School
> Lincoln High School
> Edison High School
> Bartram High School
It will expand to the following schools, plus four schools that have yet to be announced:
> Ben Franklin High School
> Conwell Middle School
> Dobbins High School
> Mastbaum High School
> Overbrook High School
> Philadelphia Military Academy
> Vaux Big Picture High School
> Wagner Middle School


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>Two sources familiar with the Union League event, who requested anonymity to discuss a private meeting, said other declared candidates for mayor were invited but only Gym showed up.
>Gym resigned from City Council in November to run for mayor.
>Just hours before her Union League visit, Gym was endorsed by the Working Families Party, a liberal third party group that lines up with her progressive politics. Accepting the endorsement, Gym decried “career politicians” who she said marginalize city residents in favor of “the wealthy and privileged in Philadelphia.”


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>Then the woman who had started the conversation asked if she’d come around the bar and talk to them.“She said, ‘This is my friend Kate.’
>When I looked over, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’”
>The friend was Kate Mulgrew, the award-winning actress who played Red in Orange is the New Black, Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager, and loads of other memorable roles stretching back to Mary Ryan in the old soap opera Ryan’s Hope.
>Burke is a huge fan; “if Beyoncé was next to me, I would have been less shocked to see her.”
>She said the companion told her Mulgrew was in Philadelphia, working on learning the accent.
>Variety has reported that Mulgrew has been cast in the upcoming Apple TV series Sinking Spring, a drug-and-crime drama based on the book Dope Thief by Philly-area author Dennis Tafoya.


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>“Philly is a great city … with a large dynamic population, lots of young people,” [AHF senior regional director Marlene ]LaLota said. “But, unfortunately, like most big cities, there’s a lot of HIV and STIs [sexually transmitted infections]. We figured there’s enough to go around, even with all the organizations there doing a great job.”
At the former Burger King location, AHF plans a full-service pharmacy, health-care center, and testing laboratory on the second floor. On the first floor will be a thrift store called “Out of The Closet,” which will be part of a successful model AHF has used in 23 other locations to help fund health-care services for those who can’t afford them.