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I have three boars that I keep in my garage because I don’t have room in my house (it is a huge garage and they have plenty of windows and light) but during the winter I feel so bad for them, I treat them like my little sons, so I got them three Guinea pig sweaters, and ALL OF THEM HATED IT! Not a single one would keep the sweater on.

It was back to giving them hot water bottles every few hours


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If you’re not getting messages about the planet dying or workers being mistreated from the news, where are you getting it from? Where are you getting the motivation to go out and vote? Where are you fueling your deepest opinions from? All strong opinions have to be constantly reinforced and cultivated or they will fall by the wayside


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Do not avert your eyes from the tire fire that is society - just because it is unpleasant does not mean we should pretend it doesn’t exist - I think any rational futurism sub HAS to be pessimistic at this point, anything else is basically science fiction