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Thompson Boathouse just south of Key Bridge & Georgetown charges like ~$5 to use the dock. It's super easy, just walk in & tell them & they'll set you up fast.

Or... just stroll right by the boathouse, onto the tiny little Mile Marker 0 peninsula just past it/south of it, & blow up there. You can either launch from the beach (hard) or just drop your board over the (out) side of old lock 1 and hop on (not hard but kind of intimidating). At your own risk!

On the downside, to my knowledge, neither has a particularly great place for stashing the bag & extra gear (pump). Maybe the boathouse has a real recommendation/some way to help, but I haven't asked. I've kind of left mine, well, wherever, & so far it has never been an issue.

Please see other posts to insure you meet legal requirements. ;)

Inflatable SUPs are great. I love being able to bike my board around.


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"Here's my take: car horns should be as loud inside the car as outside"


People who aggressively honk & freak out anytime they feel mildly inconvenienced are monsters, are absolutely some of the worst noise offenders. I try and try and try to think of what on earth we could possibly do about these garbage subhumans. This is such a great suggestion.


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I'm really curious if that would change anything over automated enforcement.

If someone has $4k in long overdue tickets & they get pulled over, could they potentially have their car booted or impounded? If so, then yeah pulling people seems like a decent plan to start handling some of the shitty drivers. But if the cop can only issue another ticket & send them on their way, there wouldn't be any advantage vs automated (un-)enforcement.


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If you'd asked me 2 years ago I also would have said 80% of the problem is those two cars specifically.

Now a days though, I'm not noticing any core group of offenders, it's gotten pretty diverse.

The worst is the worst by a lot though: there is a regular Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk who shows up every couple weeks late at night & does as much as they can to be loud. You can hear coming & going for miles, screaming out of every start-stopping. There's a bunch of Audis and some Lamborghinis that seem semi-regular offenders. There's the guy who has a vespa-style scooter & locks up the brakes & has this absurd 'omg is someone going to die' near-accident wheels screeching sound as they approach every stop sign; that is a very special breed of asshole, and one who must spend a lot a lot a lot of money on their tiny tires to keep pulling that shit, but thankfully they only show up a couple times a year (again late at night).

Pre 2020 though, holy cow yes it was so wild how these two cars specifically were a constant menace to the public peace.