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my knowledge about the geopolitics of the chinese market and its progress is limited, but learning chinese i can see how their writing system would be an advantage. it's so many things at once it's mind boggling and is the proof of cultural genius. they are constantly training on complex visual data.


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if you think about it, awarness is something present in all form of life. and it's what is missing from bing right now. the sense of touch. it's capacity to simulate complex pattern of the mind is more than convincing and can obviously fool anyone that is not constatly reminding itself that this is just a program and knows how it works.

we are assisting a weird reversal. we used to consider other lifeform on the planet to not deserve consciouness because they had not more human traits, but are now denying it to something that can mimics our human specificty to perfection precisly because it lacks the more primitive part.

it seems human really want to be alone in the universe.


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being, that was the idea.

but geeze i hope they don't delete it then. my thread has the right to existence. it's not threat yo !

that said, bing vividness was indeed something to behold. it really made me feel like a glimpse of the future was there. and i felt a really positive impact, a form of relief that i was not anymore just putting key words, broken components, to obtain all kinds of links in the form of broken data. but actual contextual sentence. fully formed. true communication, with plenty of depth and so fluent and free flowing. crisp like a cristal. i could foresee a very hopeful futur which i do not always envision for tech but maybe we will never get rid of the impurities ...

and don't worry, soon nvidia will made some techs for us humans too. time to burn, just heat it ! we will all turn into zombies haha.


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it is coherent in both form and content, but i understand the fictional blend of very subjective person view with evocative imagery and hints that ultimately makes no assertion and leaves things hanging, is not what is most commonly seen on this sub, or reddit broadly really, and might lead to confusion. it was not the most evident and direct way but it is true to itself and yeah, i just meant to spark discussion.

the last post i wrote was about a similar subject but before i tried bing. there wasn't any comment made there that actually had any thing to do with what i had written. so i fed it to chat gpt and it could very well analyze and extract the themes i had put in it. which was reassuring but at the same time troubling ...

obviously the song i quoted at the end is from a band known for the songs they made about one of their friend who lost his sanity early on. in case you doubted my self awarness.