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If you setup drop zone in your backyard that would help with porch pirates.

On the other hand you now have a swarm of drones buzzing around watching you from above. I wonder it will end.


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Yes, it charges with a cradle via contact pins.

It is water resistant (50m), it's okay to shower with it. I did it many times.

Unfortunately, I can't make an assessment of it's EKG function, cause I'm not a medical professional.


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Expert system could be a great help for lawyers. Not in this implementation or role, but like an intelligent search engine for laws and cases. Systems like IBM Watson which would go to lawyer school and sip through years of cases. Not saying it would be fantastic, but at least it's a knowledge based system. ChatGPT... well, it's known to make stuff up, like citing fake sources in generated research paper. Would be fun for a lawyer if it cited a fake court case.


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I think I like it. I used to wear Garmin Phoenix 6 and these interchangeably until Phoenix's wristband got damaged and I've been wearing mostly ScanWatch ever since.

It's minimalist design, not distracting, and good looking design too. It's neat.

It has subset of fitness functions Garmin has, but still a whole lot of them. Has the usual step counter. The main focus of the watch is on health functions. It has EKG, can record it into a PDF file and share it with smartphone app. Can detect Afib events. Got those a couple of times, but I can't testify how good the detection algorithm is. I do have minor arrhythmia, though.

It also got Oxi meter, FDA certified to detect sleeping apnea. That was the reason I bought it, it was a panic buy. I've got problems with breath, I was hypoxic when waking up. It could be due to COVID, could be for other reasons. Never got anything detected by the watch, though.

The battery lasts 25-30 days depending on settings. Oxygen tracking during sleep shortens the life on charge, but not by much.

Thing I'm missing from Phoenix is Garmin Pay. If I would go outdoors hiking it would also be compass, tracking and GPS. Occasionally the music player, if my phone's battery will get discharged. But I feel at ease without feature overload. Most things I used in Phoenix were step counter and breathing exercises, both present in ScanWatch.


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Yeah. Basically it's Oxygen and other compounds usually created by life. But there is not a 100% "It's life" test, because those chemicals can also be created by other non-organic methods. The combination of detected "signs of life" would be a strong candidate, but never a certainty. Then scientists will spend next 50 or so years looking at the planet and doing more tests and maybe one day manifest "yeah, it's probably life." It's gonna be slow burn.