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The architecture for these large language models are no secret. Everyone can see exactly how to implement them to the tiniest detail.

The value lies in how to train and fine tune the data. Which, tellingly, the big players are far less interested in sharing.


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Would be very surprised if an AI that has behavior as you describe will get made anytime soon. Would require a paradigm shift in ML for something like that to occur adding in the natural time it would take to adopt this paradigm shift I would be surprised to see that before 2030 personally.

Also why not have an AI do that instead of a human?


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I'd agree. Question is; at what point is prompting/using the AI no longer "your" labor? Where does that threshold lie? A question that will be hotly debated in the future I am sure.

Frankly the currency much like now will be social capital, it will be the arena of the con men and fake people. Nobody will know anything and the haze of meaningless decadence will descend upon humanity permanently.


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Think you are right. The thought of anyone getting paid as if they are providing any sort of value by prompting an AI is ridiculous. Would put that job on the level of having a 14 year old mow your lawn. Or more accurately, have a 14 year old turn on your automatic lawn mower.

Hope everyone here will enjoy grueling physical labor! Because it is either that or starve!


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