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One of the longest borders on earth. Insufficient resources from both the left and the right of the isle, because they're too busy making political hay and not actually solving any problems. Violence and poverty in their home countries are driving this. The flood of people isnt going to stop because your head lives in the 1950's


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I dont think there is a middle ground. Most think that "thank you, come again" somehow encourages drug use, but lets remember these people are drug addicts, they dont need encouragement, they've got all they need. If its lives you want to save than yes if you have to Narcan em every week thats what you do.

Or leave them to the streets.


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Hey! Someone that gets it.

I worked public sector for 35 years. When I began my career my friends pitied me because my pay was so low. During the go-go days of the 90's when my friends were all making 3 times what I was I had to wonder about my choice to be a public servant. I stayed at it and now because of republicans destroying our economy I am envied because of my retirement. I didnt spend over three decades kneeling in piss soaked carpets to help old people to now be told Im somehow greedy. The OP is out of touch