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To be honest this is one of the major reasons I am excited about transhumanism and nanotech medicine. I see this technology as a path to a world without these people. I get what you're saying and agree, the politics will be awful. But...

People who embrace the tech will:

have various augmented capabilities be smarter be stronger be healthier be better at.... all physical and mental tasks live longer

As compared to those who fight against it, and the gap will only widen with each day. Good, this is what we should strive for! Once it all takes off they won't matter for long.

EDIT: Where have all the carriage returns gone? 😒


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If I'm being honest the idea of farmers having to outsmart an AI doesn't upset me. Don't get me wrong, corporate interests using regulatory capture to block their customers from repairing equipment is an evil that needs to be defeated. I'm not supporting that.

But I do support the larger societal implications of AI and accelerating technology becoming prevalent in every facet of every person's life. That would make having a mindset of actively seeking to learn and embracing progress a required skill for basic everyday life. Yes, I know that is anathema to some and I think it's going to go really badly for them. I'm fine with that so yeah, optimist on all thing tech related.


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Can you explain your vision of the game you are developing in such detail that another programmer can create it as you envisioned it? No? Then what makes you think an AI can? It might be a competent programmer that can write games. But it's not you so it will not write your game.

If it becomes trivial to develop a game with AI that's great! The only thing that means for programmers is that you think bigger and better and expand the scope of what you hope to achieve.


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Enshitification is only bad while model training and the hardware that runs it is crazy expensive. What matters is that the big money drives down those costs. It won't take long.

And then the open source community will step in. They will not engage in enshitification. That leaves the big corporations competing against a superior product that is free to use.

So go ahead, enshitify. I love watching big companies die!


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I think there is good reason for optimism on this. It's not just steaks, it's everything that uses anything derived from animals. Things that won't get any pushback because people won't notice it happened. It'll be cheaper to use fermentation, which means every corporation that makes food will use it for everything they can.

This alone is more than enough to send the animal agriculture industry into a death spiral. It doesn't matter what people think, the choice is going to be made for them. Unless they raise animals themselves they're going to get their protein from precision fermentation. Soon.