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There are garages near the school of art, but they may have fairly high rates/monthly fees. NHV has a lot of people commute into the city though probably less after COVID.

Most street spots are metered and many have time limits. You may be dodging parking enforcement.

I think the risk of your bike being stolen when street parked is equal downtown and in the neighborhoods you mentioned. The risk at home maybe higher when it's dark.

Generally, I don't think you'll get much enjoyment out of a ride from east rock to the art school with traffic/lights/road quality. It's close enough that biking is easy or you could even walk. Yale also has a shuttle system and CT buses have been free (fingers crossed they extend it). You could never drive to school if you wanted.


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Cooper surgical and Smiths Medical are in CT as well. The MDT division here is highly focused on surgery. More mechanical but the bio engineering side is growing. Otherwise recommend looking at the Yale area.


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It's ok. I miss the city vibe of NHV but enjoy having a yard. Not so walkable and fewer bars/restaurants.

Overall safe but less so on the border with New Haven. Many bus routes go directly down town for an easy commute to the green. Traffic gets a little heavy during commutes or Yale.

Hamden, it's kind of a suburb?