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I think it is both, as someone who sometimes suffers from insomnia, the depression comes after the sleep disruption, not before, however, I can also see how depression can also cause sleep disruption, especially if coupled with feelings of 'new day dread'. I don't know if there is an actual word for this feeling, but it's one of hopelessness, and not going to sleep is a way to stop yourself from feeling it.


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Additionally, they were too heavy handed with the lockdowns initially, and the dystopian vibe reverberated as drones flew past people's windows reminding them to suppress their desire for freedom. This overly authoritarian execution directly lead to the disintegration of public discourse regarding covid policy.

If they would have instead had a bit more relaxed lockdown policy, but imported vaccines that were proven effective, they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now. Xi was too proud to do what was best for the country, and instead chose the path that maximized his control over the population.


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I was wondering if this is a localization issue. People who have swapped commas and decimals have screwed up prices all the time. I think in one instance it broke the calculator on a pokemon game.


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I personally would rather have the stretchy jeans for comfort though. I switched over a few years ago, now regular denim feels like my legs are binded together. They absolutely don't last as long though.


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I don't agree. If the court is fining people for bad faith in bad faith, the issue is much deeper than that single rule, and is neither caused nor leveraged in it's pursuit. Bad faith is bad faith, and should be punished. Arguing it could be used in bad faith is, quite frankly, an argument so weak it is actually hilarious.


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Basically, they collectively 'decide'(chemically) not to grow in those circles, which allows moisture to collect. It allows for the overly scarce resource to be evenly distributed, which allows for a greater population than if they did not cooperate at all.


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I always wondered why they didn't classify ducks as fish, but if they had barnacle geese already, why push it?

And before you say "ducks aren't fish, that's ridiculous", they classified beavers as fish...