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They don’t “read” your physical meter anymore. It’s all digital. He’s suggesting a logical step to rule out an appliance issue causing to much draw which is much more likely than a CMP meter error.

Ignoring the good advice given here won’t lower your bill.


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I don’t think it’s good genes honestly, out of probably 30 friends and/or work colleagues and their extended families who have all had Covid… I have only heard of one person who had a more serious case that required hospitalization. If you have health issues I totally understand being cautious and concerned… otherwise this all seems like a bunch of overblown nonsense.


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My whole family had Covid, including my 101 year old grandmother. All had nothing worse than extreme tiredness for a couple days and a little congestion. My 2 year old son and infant (at the time) daughter had zero symptoms while testing positive.

I have had a few colds and the flu this past year that were much, much worse. Crazy how much it can vary for people.


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Excellent resource. I’m a mechanical engineer and actually made my own heat loss and fuel consumption calculator and can confirm that this will get you very close answers! I honestly wasted my time with the analysis thinking the Efficiency Maine calculator wasn’t good enough for my purposes and needing to be precise! 😂👍


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How many gallons of fuel did you use last year? You can’t compare prices to do this analysis you need to compare gallons and kWH (then convert to this years prices) to see if this makes sense or not.


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Please explain or cite a source with actual evidence beyond “well if it gets warmer sap will be gone!”

My source is I tap almost a hundred trees on my own property in Southern Maine, and know a dozen other people who also do. ZERO issues with sap production in recent years. Last year was actually excellent, I couldn’t keep up and plan to go to a vacuum system and larger evaporator.


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Jesus, what a way to live life.

Where are maple trees going? I must have missed that one… 😂🤦‍♂️

Edit: Let me clarify my source because of the downvotes from Redditors who likely live in apartments in Portland with zero actual knowledge, I tap over a hundred trees per year on my own property in southern Maine with no issues. The number of people on Reddit who are “experts” in everything they know nothing about is sad.


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This is normal, nice to see a good post here!

So many people only bring attention to negative things about Maine (or anything else) on Reddit.

Maine is awesome and the people on average are MUCH kinder and more welcoming than any state I have been to.